UW-Madison Law School awarded grant to Pilot ELMSLN!

The University of Wisconsin Madison Law School has been awarded an internal innovation grant to pursue the course development.  You can read their official release here.

Their press release on the topic states that

"The new funds support the development of a pilot, Drupal-based course instruction system that will serve as a model for other Law School clinics."

 The reason that this is being posted here though is if you go through the winning proposal, it talks about that "Drupal-based course instruction system" as being ELMSLN! The Center for Patient partnerships, a group within the Law College, has been running the MOOC and ELMSMedia distributions to power several online courses the last few months.  After two successful semesters, they are going to get the opportunity to roll out the full ELMSLN package at greater scale with a goal of serving as a platform for the college to use.

The College of Arts & Architecture's e-Learning Institute will be having discussions with UW-Madison Law School in the coming weeks!

PDF icon eigrantproposal-remingtoncentersciis-excerpt.pdf