I'm starting to do a series of doodles to explain different concepts about ELMSLN because of how complex a structure we're talking about.  When saying "it's a new structure for LMS design" that has to come with visuals detailing the new structure instead of just flowery language to suggest its different.

The first three videos in this playlist cover different aspects of ELMSLN.  The first video details what ELMSLN is trying to be and some examples of how courses live amongst the tools in the network as well as describing some use-cases.  It also puts forth a defense for the need for a new structure and how this is not just a "use Drupal" thing and could easily be setup to utilize lots of other tools together (Drupal just being the one I push).

The other two videos talk about ways ELMSLN addresses security and developing for the system using Vagrant (as well as what Vagrant and Chef are).  As always, if you have questions please ask across the various mediums and I'll be happy to do another doodle-cast to explain.  My goofy humor is mixed throughout as there is no script for theses videos.